Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Iceland in film

Of course with such kind of a trip I didn't miss the chance to get some film with me. I took with me two cameras, my Balda, and a newly found vintage Nikon. Why two of them? Just in case something happens to one of them, like last time, and I am left without camera.

Fortunately enough nothing of the sort happened, and I managed to take nice pictures. But not too nice, because as it turns out, I didn't calculate the ISO correctly - the camera needed more light that we had! Nevertheless, I like them anyway, since they are unique and original. ^^

Here is a selection of my absolute favorites:


  1. lovely pictures of my country :) have you started to knit with the Létt-Lopi you bought?

    1. Iceland is truly a photographers' heaven, can't take terrible pictures even if you try :)
      My hands have been busy with other projects so far, but I will use that Lett-Lopi very soon! :)