Monday, 25 November 2013


These are my most favorites to date! I like the construction, the color, the fit! But this didn't come without some frogging in the process...

I had the Uzu pattern in my queue for some time and after acquiring the wonderful Sock Hop from Dancing Leaf Farm, I immediately thought of combining the two! (that was more than a year ago!)

When I started the pattern I had some misfortunes: I cast on the wrong size and figured that out when I was in the middle of the first sock, so I had to re-knit it all. One reason for this is that the yarn I used is a slightly different weight, and I didn't substitute sizes properly. On my second try, and by mistake I ended up with size XS, but it fits me perfectly, so no worries. ^^

My second worry was that the simple yet so elegant pattern wouldn't show with the yarn I chose. But after finishing them and wearing them, I found out that that was not the case.

On the construction part of the sock, I love every piece of it! The toe, the heel, and the very beautiful design. They are all easy techniques, and the pattern is a great chance to learn them all at once! It's also very easy to memorise. The second sock was knitted with minimal to no peeking at the pattern.

I finished the socks in October, and that was still way too warm weather for wool socks, but I managed to wear them twice. Now that the weather is getting much colder, I can't wait to wear them! Along with all the other pairs that are waiting in my drawer. xD

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