Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A new pattern edition and new layouts!

For the needs of my knitting classes I recently translated one of my patterns in Greek! And a bit after, I decided to update the layout of the English version for the same pattern, as well as for another, and for that reason, I took brand new lovely pictures!

Die Ohren der Katze got a full makeover, and a one page version in Greek. Unfortunately Ravelry does not list Greek as a pattern language yet, so that attribute is not directly visible, but you can still download both versions!

I am thinking of doing a translated version for the rest of the patterns too, and maybe even in German if I manage to find the right amount of time that is required for that process.

Federmäppchen, was the second pattern that got a makeover. For this one I was not satisfied with the pictures at all, I just hadn't found the time to update them.

You can check more details on Ravelry, or download them directly [and for free!] by clicking on the links on my Patterns page

Happy knitting!

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