Sunday, 3 November 2013

Can yarn have a mascot?

Now that the road trip story is over, I can finally focus on the more knitterly part of the trip!

And of course, first of all I will talk about (what else?) yarn. I had promised myself not to buy anything, because I had already a year behind me full of indulgence yarn shopping and was a bit over my limit, that's why I decided not to search for any local shops beforehand.

But guess what. After those 15 days of color, structure and amazing beauty I couldn't handle myself. Especially since our host in Reykjavik was also a knitter and was showing me all these handmade Lopi sweaters.

So I went shopping. Good thing is, I didn't overdo it. Bad thing is, I didn't search shops properly. I visited only two. I went to Storkurinn and the Handknitting Association. Both very good of course.

Storkurrin is located in one of the shopping streets in the center of Reykjavik and is a bit hard to find - it's in the same building as a Bonus supermarket, but on a different floor. There is no visible sign from the outside to guide you there. I only found out about it because our host informed me.

But once you find it - you are in knitter heaven. It has almost everything (maybe there is something i missed?) from magazines and books, to yarn, threads, and sewing fabric. It's very colorful, and best part of all, carries the expensive and luxurious brands, even the Brooklyn Tweed series. 

I was head over heels when I got to stroke Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, Manos del Uruguay, Brooklyn Tweed yarns. That is of course, because I live in a place that the existence of these kind of yarns in yarn shops is pure fantasy. It's sad, but this is how it is.

During the touch ecstasy and the fact that I only had 20 minutes to spare, since my friends were waiting downstairs, I wanted to pick the Lett Lopi shades that would accommodate the inspiration I got during the trip. I was looking after particular ones, and after a few minutes, I got a bag full of them, ready to go.

The next stop was the Association, where I was mesmerized by the amount of knitted garments that were there for sale: piles and piles of piles of sweaters, all in Lopi of course. I didn't know if it's allowed to take pictures, but I managed to get one snapshot, of a hat.

The shopping there was only some Einband Lopi skeins, for a lace shawl naturally. ^^

The shopping surprise: this oh-so-cute lamb!
It's strange for me to buy a stuffed animal, because I usually don't even think of the possibility. I don't buy souvenirs either. I find the vast majority of them pointless objects. And if I want to buy something from the place I am visiting (which I do), I usually take something typical, but usual to the locals, and something that leaves me memories (and a good use back home).

these belong to the souvenir section
And even though I encountered so many stuffed animals in 15 days (polar bears, whales, puffins, horses, etc etc) this toy caught my eye. And not even the others that were almost identical in the same basket. It's strange, but this one 'clicked'.

So I got it, even though it was not particularly cheap. xD And now it's almost like my yarn mascot! So so cute.

The only thing I fear is my pets getting to it. My cat doesn't care, but our 3 dogs loooove these kind of toys!

P.S: I spotted Helene Magnusson's studio! xD

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