Saturday, 22 November 2014


For more than 6 months I had been expecting to leave the country permanently in October (last month) for a job offer in Zambia. I didn't mention it, because, well, things can go the other way easily. Some difficulties came up from the other side and now I am waiting indefinitely to see wether the plans will ever be completed or not. 
The situation is a bit fuzzy and this delay is not entirely a bad thing, since I didn't manage to finish some things I planed for the University, but it still threw me off my preparation mode.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A brand new website

I am finally able to talk about one of the things that kept me busy the last couple of months. It is something I had been thinking about for a long time, and since our small shop over at Etsy has been growing, I thought I should finally give it a try.

I created a main site for this blog,, which right now functions mainly as an e-shop. It features a dedicated to the shop blog list, but one of my future plans is to integrate this blog to the main site too.

The site features only a part of our Etsy merchandise, but more stock will be added soon. What I like best, is that now I have the opportunity to organise well all of my patterns outside of Ravelry. A complete pattern library will be added sometime in the future.

Progress is generally slow, since my main job is still studying and working on my Thesis, but I hope that it won't be too slow. xD

P.S.1: Do you like the website's design? I tried to match the blog's colors but added lots more pictures (as headers)
P.S.2: we are offering 15% discount as a welcome sale with coupon code  welcome ! :)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pen tablet glove

It was summer and I needed an instant satisfaction knit. I also had on my mind to create a glove that would allow me to draw on my tablet screen without any unwanted issues. That is how the pen tablet glove was created.