Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Totoro mittens

I love Brella's Totoro mittens! Apart from being exceptionally cute and cleverly constructed, these mittens make the best gift.

I tried this pattern two times. The first time for myself, I started making a pair in brown-red color combination. But as soon as I finished the first mitten, I realised how small and ugly it really was. I had chosen wrong yarn weight and my tension was not the best. (were was my mind really?) I became overly disappointed and lost all interest in remaking it. That was last year.

A few months after, and after having finished other big projects, I travelled to central Europe, where I was hosted by various friends. One Slovakian friend in particular, is a fan of Miyazaki's films and Totoro of course, so he noticed the mittens pattern immediately and asked for a pair. We soon made a deal: I would make him a pair of Totoro mittens and he would send me a woollen wooven Slovakian scarf.

Recently the exchange was over, as I managed to finish the mittens late summer and he managed to find what I was asking for. ^^

On to the project itself, it was fun to make it, especially in the grey-light blue combination. It is also a great exercise for twisting the floats in circular stranded knitting. It produces quite a result, don't you think?

I hope to find some time from other projects in order to make a pair for myself, this time a proper one! xD

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