Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bundle of swimsuit tops

I have been quite productive in the summer crochet department, for more than a month now I have been knitting swimsuit tops.. some as custom orders, one for myself, and quite a few for the Etsy shop.

I hadn't quite realised how many I made until I started documenting my progress for the corresponding
Ravelry project: 10 bikini tops in different sizes and color combinations.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Random bits {baby booties, a cat cave, wooden shawl pins}

I have been doing quite random things lately... I have officially entered exam period, but for it I have been studying for two months already now. I am in the fever of completing what is left to pass for graduation and although I may not be sure about the outcomes (of this exam period) I know for sure that I am getting tired of studying. xD

Plus, at the same time I spent a lot of time adding mom's stuff on my Etsy shop (check out all this awesome stuff!) (and a few of my own.. he he) and life has been.. hectic. 
Nevertheless, I still manage to find some time to knit.