Thursday, 31 October 2013

Last days in Iceland

During buffer day, and after having split up into two teams (5 and 4 people each) we enjoyed completely different things.

The team that headed for the west fjords had one more day of driving and camping as well as swimming in the ice-cold ocean!

The other team headed back to Reykjavik to visit the once-a-week occurring Sunday open flea market. It's not actually 'open' since it's situated in the ground floor of a big building, but it was interesting non the less. It had various stands with objects for sale that spun from military equipment and clothing to DVD's and CD's, to books, to handmade clothing. There were a few Asian people selling their stuff, but mostly locals. I liked that there were sections that looked like libraries: stacks and stacks of used books for sale. There was also a larger sale with used vintage clothing and shoes. Some of these objects looked very very old.

Even though all prices were very very low and everything was cheap, there is a drawback: you can only pay in cash. 

Later on, we continued the shop therapy in the city center, and on the same day we had a quiet and relaxing evening with watching a movie and visiting a bar. We learned that the others had at the same time a tent party!

The next day, and before the others returned, we went grocery shopping and other personal shopping. It was Monday, so the regular shops were open for business. It was our last day in the city, so after the others came back, we decided to go out for a last drink. The problem was that because it was Monday, most pubs were closed, except one, which was full with people - mostly foreigners. 
On our way to this pub, we also met 2 Australians and 2 Americans, who also had the same goal as us. :)

It was a rather enjoyful night and a good last day party. But the following day was even more interesting, since it featured something very relaxing: the Blue Lagoon!

For the majority of us, our flight was just after midnight, so we decided to spent the whole day at the spa, since it's only 15-20 minutes away from the airport. It was the best decision ever! We couldn't get enough of the spectacular view, the warm water, the colors, and of course the sezlongs! Perfect last day of a camping road trip!

And that was it! our 2 week long road trip was at it's end.

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