Friday, 23 August 2013


Iceland is the land of Ice and Fire, of imaginative fairy tales, of kind people, of unexpected events and rapid weather changes. A land that resembles no other, but sometimes places of our imagination or even other planets!

So it's no wonder that during our trip we saw and experienced things we wouldn't have anticipated. Because no matter what you read, or what kind of pictures you look at, living the Icelandic landscapes is something unique and unreplicable!

Our journey begun with a quick visit to Reykjavik, a small, cute and.. hipster town. We walked all around the city monuments (one can find even without a map!) and enjoyed the sea, beautiful but simple architecture and most importantly the sun! We had our share of time in t-shirts and of sunbathing. Little did we know at that time that such a time would be unique and scarce during our trip.

We were quite unlucky with the weather - the was a lot of rain and heavy clouds. In 15 days there were only 2 or 3 days of sunshine, out of which some of them just partial sunshine. The locals were telling us that this summer was one of the coldest they have seen. They said that spring came really late this year.

It's fascinating to see that in other places of the world weather changes are not so visible and noticable, but when you get to a place like Iceland, it's a matter of survival whether spring comes early or not!

Nevertheless, during our stay to the city we also had the opportunity to explore a bit of the local nightlife with locals as our guides! I mention a bit, because we were not staying during the "party days", so it was not easy to find a party place to hang out. But we managed to find a cool place with an awesome live rock band performing and cool atmosphere. And if you expect that Icelanders are not party people, you may guess wrong! There were some people actively dancing in front of the band that was playing, and without being drunk or anything.

You know what's with alcohol in Iceland? If you have travelled to other parts of Scandinavia, then you know: it's government owned. Which means that all shops, and bars need to buy from the state. That makes everything freaking expensive!

Oh, and there is also that regulation that you can't casually buy alcohol in any supermarket, but only in particular liquor stores that exist just for that. And that are closed in the afternoons. And on weekends. And on holidays.

So getting cheap alcohol in Iceland is an issue. ^^ But we managed to work around this. One way, is getting alcohol from the airport, where it is duty+tax free. ^^

But enough of drinks, this is just the beginning of the story! The next days were thrilling and totally unpredictable. Stay tuned! 

Places we visited:
- Reykjavik
- Hallgrímskirkja Church
- Harpa Concert and Conference Center 
- Solfar
- Reykjavík Old Harbour
- Icelandic Fish and Chips
- Den Danske Kro

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