Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bikini tops & frilly yarn experiment #3

So I am back from Iceland! And there is so much to tell from that amazing trip, I don't know where to start from! We took amazing pictures, had awesome time, and I learned a thing or two about Icelandic knitting, if not got inspired for new projects and designs!!

But before I move on describing what happened in July, I have lots to present from June. It was exam period (pretty hard one,.. again) and I didn't have enough time to prepare new posts: I also had my two part time jobs as well as several made to order items.

Firstly, I made two new bikini tops, one for myself and one for a friend from work. For the blue one I had to make some modifications for an A cup and it was a bit tricky: there was a lot of ripping and reknitting in the process. Also of course because sometimes I tend to be a perfectionist, and don't allow myself to make anything less than perfection. (pretty dumb I think!)

And the green one (for myself) didn't go as smoothly. In the second triangle I had made a fundamental mistake in one of the first rounds but realised it only after I finished it. A real bummer, because I finished it just a few hours before my departure to Iceland. Nevertheless, there was a good side to it! I reknitted it on the plane! And it was awesome! First time I manage to knit on the plane and pass any type of hook through security! ^^

As for more bikini tops, there is another application for frilly yarn that I found:

It is strange that I came up with this, because this is not my style, but a co-worker wanted a ruffle bikini and asked me if I could make something like that. And so the idea came, and the results:

And that's it for now. Stay tuned because more projects are on the way!!

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