Monday, 5 August 2013


Have I mentioned that I am a Lopi fan? I should, because Lopi yarn (and designs) are amazingly awesome!

During the June exams and while being stressed, depressed, running from one thing to another and multitasking, I managed to finish my Aftur just in time before the trip to Iceland. And I LOVE IT.

I could have taken it easy and move with it slower, but that would mean that I wouldn't have it in Iceland, and that wouldn't be nice. I managed to finish it just a day before departure, so I didn't even have time to take pictures of it, or block it.

But all these were shorted out in the trip, since I was wearing it 24/7 for 2 weeks. It even got blocked by Icelandic rain/snow when we went hiking in Viti - covered with snow and fog!

photo courtesy of Kate Bodorova
The only problem was that I didn't enjoy making it that much. Because I was stressed to finish it on time I was very impatient with the knitting of the body and sleeves. It felt like forever until I reached the yoke, where the most interesting part is. But generally I think that it's a quick and enjoyable knit. And not so difficult to make.

I made the S size and some modifications: I knitted the body a few cm shorter (I don't like really long sweaters, I think they emphasize my bit wide hip area) and the sleeves in 4mm needles instead of 4,5mm. The reason for the latter is simple: I didn't have 40cm circular needles of the 4,5 size, and didn't want to work the whole sleeves on dpns - that would certainly produce some laddering!!

I am glad that I chose to make the original palette of colors - I really like the combination, although there is some black involved and I rarely knit in black. But I have some much left overs! especially from the main color: 2 and a half skeins left. That's why when I finished it I decided to make a matching pair of socks during the trip. What actually happened in the trip I will tell you soon in another post!

I even got compliments from Icelanders (that knit and don't knit) for it! xD

And some interesting facts about the pattern: It's one of the most popular Lopi designs(222 projects or Ravelry), made by Védís Jónsdóttir that has also been featured in a Hollywood movie! In We Bought a Zoo in particular, where you can see Scarlet Johansson wearing it! (pay attention because in the trailer she appears with it only for 2-3 seconds)
The trailer even has Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros as theme song! Someone in the making of this movie is a fan of Iceland apparently! 

Gonna watch that movie soon!

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