Thursday, 29 August 2013

Icelandic fingerless gloves

In the first few days of the trip in Iceland it became apparent that the weather would be a lot more chilly than expected. So I ditched the socks that I had just started making with leftover wool from the Aftur sweater, and started these babies:

Which frankly, have a whole story. I finished the first glove rather fast - and in time for a dreadful hike in snow, rain and fog we had the first week of travelling. That resulted in a bit of felt, as you can see below in the pictures. 

The second glove took some considerable time to be completed since we were driving on the type of gravel road, that knitting is impossible from the sudden and constant moving of the car. But it got finished rather fast too and I had enough time to enjoy them in Icelandic nature.

How did I manage to amaze myself this time? I improvised finger gloves from zero. I had no idea how they are traditionally made,no internet resources and no books, so I guessed (and thought) my way through. And I am amazed that they turned out a perfect fit.

Now I have to wait 1 or 2 months for the chill to come down to where I live too, so I can enjoy them a whole winter. ^^ 

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