Monday, 12 August 2013


And so the story of the trip begins! But not with a place in Iceland, with Dusseldorf! My first day of travelling included a day-long stopover in this beautiful German city, so I took advantage of it and payed it a quick visit.

Before I reached the city I had heard from various sources that there are a lot of Greek people living there, and I didn't suspect that they will be that many, until I reached the city center. In almost every second corner or cafe, I could hear someone speaking in Greek, it was very strange!

Anyway, apart from this, the city is really cute, especially the old town and the riverside. It's also relatively small, so you can see almost everything in a few hours. But not with long stops in museums, that's a different thing.

It has many churches, beautiful buildings and of course, parks! I was really lucky to have sunny weather, so that I enjoyed everything to the fullest.

After I finished the main part of my sightseeing schedule, I went for lunch, and I was lucky enough to find one of my favorite German shops, MoschMosch! I admit, I had already found it's location on google maps, but just by accident! I ordered a lot more than I could eat, but it was so amazing, that I couldn't stop! I love Japanese food, and the 'German' version of it! ^^

Soon afterwards I begun going towards a different part of town, which I didn't get to see, because I got frustrated, when my camera suddenly stopped taking pictures. I decided then at that point to return to the train station and return to the airport an hour earlier. It turns out that that decision was the best I could have made. A few minutes after I had bought the ticket and found the right platform, there were multiple announcements of the train getting delayed, with the last one saying that there won't be any train that goes to the airport for at least an hour. The reason: a fire accident. All the announcements were in mumbled German, and although I had used the language for everything up until that moment, I struggled to understand clearly. So, I switched to English, asked a nearby German and my fears where confirmed: no train to the airport.

So, that is why people were running in different directions! And here I thought that was normal. Peculiar, but normal.

I freaked out for a moment, but I managed to keep my calm and consulted the brochures I had with me. I found the number of the bus that goes to the airport, but then I had to find an actual bus. I kept asking people, and most of them were entirely clueless, but there was a very kind lady that directed me to it. Good thing, now we have the bus stop. 

The bus was supposed to arrive after 6 minutes of waiting, but in reality it came after 45! It was a really strange situation, since 3 different buses of the timetable didn't show up! For Greece, let's say that can happen, but I didn't expect it in Germany! Some of the Germans waiting in the bus stop for the same reason as I, were getting really frustrated with the delay, but they really didn't do much further than that.

Not even when some of us(people waiting to reach the airport) started discussing the option to take a taxi. It turns out, the 3 people interested in a taxi were Greek! (me included :P) We were willing to split the costs and save time and our stress levels from getting too high!

But upon the minute we made the decision for a taxi, the bus finally showed up! We reached the airport in time, and continued our travels, but what was wrong with German efficiency that day?? xD

Nevertheless, it was a fun trip and an enjoyable flight to Keflavik: leaving a city in complete darkness and almost 4 hours later arriving in light! Awesome. :D

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