Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hitting the road

After leaving Reykjavik we took the east road and followed the coast, stopping every now and then for any attractive thing we came across. This when Icelandic nature hit us on the face with it's beauty. And it was just the beginning!

We had several stops in the first days, a river, two waterfalls and two coastline viewpoints. Sadly the weather was becoming bad, and we couldn't enjoy the coastline in the rain and fog. It was a pity, since the landscape looked totally amazing.

Our first camping spot was near a waterfall, so we cooked, ate and slept with a big waterfall as a background. The baffling thing about that camping spot, was that although we had payed for staying there, we had to pay separately for using the toilets and shower. In the case of the shower in particular, you had to pay 300 ISK for 5 minutes of warm water in 100 coins only. And although someone would think that there is running water any way, there wasn't! Those 5 minutes was all you got. Our Icelandic host told us later that we got ripped off - Water in Iceland is quite abundant and very cheap.

The following day and mostly because of the bad weather and cold we decided to visit a guest house instead, and it was a perfect and relaxing warm spot. ^^

We also encountered this unique color combination of black rocks and green moss that makes everything look even more mysterious, elven-like, or even extraterrestrial:

What's stranger, is that there were people travelling around Iceland on bikes! Even on this bad weather, and gravel roads. Which is admirable to say the least. Iceland is a country typically crossed by 4x4 jeeps and monster trucks, not bikes!

All in all we visited:
- Uridafoss
- Seljalandsfoss 
- Dyrhólaey
- Skogarfoss

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