Friday, 31 May 2013

Frilly yarn Experiment #2

The second experiment is done - I finished it during my recent travelling, but it didn't last long before I actually ripped it. But I did manage to take some pictures to show you how it turned out.

I followed the Kelp Forest Shawlette pattern, to work on a very creative way with the ruffle yarn - spirals. I really like the idea of it, and the clever construction, but frankly, I didn't like how mine turned out - and I couldn't picture me wearing it.

Right now I have no idea what to do with the yarn - make it again? make something else? The truth is that the whole process of making the shawlette (used hook instead of needles) was pretty tedious, time consuming and well, boring.

And to lighten things up, I decided to tease my cat:
he did not look pleased.

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