Saturday, 25 May 2013

NextStop: Iceland

So, the big news are: this summer we are going to ICELAND! And by we, I mean myself and some friends from our last trip to Scandinavia.

It will be a road trip across the country, in which we will try to cover as much as possible, even the Highlands! We will be going hiking, bathing, sightseeing, taking a looot of pictures and of course visiting many interesting places.

We have been organising it since last November and now, 1 month before, we have most things ready: just some details pending. We have our route, our schedule, our lists for food, equipment and others ready. We even had a reunion in the beginning of this month in order to work on some pressing issues. (Online meeting are nice, but sometimes they slow us down)

We have even created a website to share our experiences and adventures! Currently we are writing about our first trip, inspirational finds on Iceland and Scandinavia and our very own quiz!

We also post many pretty pictures and of course, videos!

There are also some other news regarding the trip of knitting-related nature, but I will reveal that in a next post!


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