Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Moar Yarn!

I have not been posting much lately - and there are several reasons for this: I have been very busy with work, some school projects, travelling and some other stuff I will soon talk about. And also exams are coming up in one week. How cool. xD

But for now I will try to post something, however small, and right now I can show you my new indulges in yarn. :)

During my very exciting visit to central Europe the award yarns of the Templeton design competition arrived, and I have to say, they are AMAZING! The color, the feel of it - it's totally awesome. It's Cascade Siera yarns, 10 skeins of it, in the orange pop colorway - 80% cotton and 20% wool. First time I see (and feel) such a combination, and I am very curious to see how it will be knitted. The project I have in mind for this yarn is the Beatnik sweater. Let's see when will I have time to make this. ^^

Next up are the gorgeous kid mohair skeins of Rowan that I received from Leuven. :D They are so soft and colorful! I am in love! 

And also some random skeins of my visits to LYSs: I bought some for a specific project, some just because. (I have to look into this soon, before I become totally broke or something..!)

And I actually can't wait to reveal what I have been working on for months - but I might need to wait a while longer for this..

Till the next time I still some moments for posting, enjoy this awesome track:

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