Monday, 27 May 2013

Still knitting at a patisserie

And the updates(and pictures!) I promised of the knitting lessons!

We are now having lessons three times a week, and it's pretty enjoyful, although sometimes very tiring. But it's nice to be around other knitters and there is always something new to learn!

We have also moved on crochet - and it turned out to be a lot easier to teach than I expected! I have had some cases, where it required quite a bit of energy to teach, but generally it goes well - although there are some particular points that need to be explained or noted many times, even after a few lessons.

I am looking forward to September, when we will start the lessons once again after the summer holidays. We will probably need different classes for beginners and intermediate students, but the thing that I am mostly excited about is that I will have the opportunity to organise more KALs(and CALs)! And that's going to be very interesting.

(the images below are taken by Vasilis Kolokythas, used with permission)

I am also having the thought of posting the announcements of KALs also on the blog, for whoever wants to follow. But I haven't settled on that yet.

Couple of weeks ago I took a few pictures to create a poster for the lessons. Here are some 'backstage' pictures:

There are also some other ideas I have for the lessons, but I can't reveal anything yet, since I don't know if I will be able to make them a reality - fingers crossed that I will!

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