Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Finnish socks

Just a few days before I departed for Italy 3 weeks ago, I managed to finish my second pair of socks. And I was also clever enough to take them with me! Wisest decision ever!

Because you see, in north Italy it's very cold, and warm wool socks are exactly the thing you should have on your feet.

I managed to snap some crappy photos just before I left, just to document what I had done. Few days ago and after washing them for the first time, I took some pictures, and turned out great. The only bad thing is that in some parts the socks have become a bit felted from the boots I was wearing. Not much of damage, just didn't expect that kind of result so early.

You see, the yarn I used is Finnish sock yarn - from up there that people are knitting socks a lot more often, because they need them. I had bought the skein one year ago in Riga and hadn't used it until now. It made a beautiful pair of long socks and there is still some left!

I used the same simple sock pattern as last time, with the only exception that I didn't include any pattern for the area around the leg - I thought that the yarn itself produces too much color and that there is no need for a texture pattern. And I like that it is simple. I even enjoyed a lot knitting this yarn - very beautiful, soft and warm. ^^

I also did a small mistake in the cuff of the second sock and I still try to forget about it but somehow I keep remembering it! It is not noticeable thankfully!, but it bothers me, because I know about it.

In any case, time to wear them and enjoy them!! 

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