Thursday, 6 December 2012

How do you relax?

After a busy day (or just a very busy mind day) one of the ways I have to relax my mind and forget about almost everything is to lie in bed watch a movie and knit something interesting.

Doesn't always work, but most times. :)


  1. Ah, yes, that is heaven. I usually do the same on Friday evenings if it isn't an upcoming exam week. But sometimes I get so into whatever I'm watching that I don't get much knitting done, do you ever have that problem? I hope that you have some time to rest and recover!

    1. It depends on what I am knitting. If it's something simple or not so interesting, I might concentrate on the movie. But what happens usually is that I am so hyped up with what I am knitting that I miss parts in the movies. :P

      I do, actually I sleep a lot. (and as a result mess up my schedule :D)