Sunday, 9 December 2012


Last August, after having a serious knee injury that had me constrained on a bed, semester exams coming up with 3 group projects to finish by myself and a lot of subjects to study and pass, I decided to buy myself an expensive birthday gift. One I had been longing for long.

I had gathered some money, and I was watching the prices of a certain model fall every month, but in the end, it was August when I finally gave in and bought a DSLR 5100 Nikon. That purchase in combination with all the doctor/examination/drug expenses I have had since then, resulted in me having a not-so-good financial situation.

I was(and still am) very happy with this purchase, because for the first time I could take pictures without restraints. Not that means that I have learned already how to use my camera at full capacity. I have a long way for that! But I can certainly enjoy the process a lot more. :)

And I can take much more satisfactory photos for the blog and of all the stuff I make, which pleases me a lot, since that's a great way to share my creations with a more accurate snapshot of reality. ^^


  1. Oh I've tried one of those, it is a very powerful camera and has some features that I really like. Before I had tried one I bought my D3100 and I like it but now I wish I had payed a little bit more to upgrade to the D5100. I think that your creative eye and intuition for photography in general definitely makes that a worthwhile buy. I really hope that your knee has recovered well, I've heard that kind of injury can persist.

    1. I believe that any dslr model is much better than any other kind of digital cameras, and there is room for improvement by using different lens or extra equipment. the freedom you get (with d3100 or d5100) is irreplaceable!

      thanks! i did a check up exam and the knee healed up perfectly. but you know what the say: a knee never forgets what you have done to it!