Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Korean Drama Inspiration

Peculiar title, right? Who would think that in Kdramas one can find inspiration for knitting?

Well, one thing is true, in dramas, Korean or not, fashion trends play a major role, especially if one tries to promote them. I think that's the reason why several months ago I noticed a sudden increase of knitted garments appearing in several shows, with the most notable, the Flower Boy Ramuyn Shop.

I was actually pretty bored of this show and just as I had skipped some episodes, and was thinking of abandoning it, there it was! One of the lead characters started wearing the most amazing knitted sweaters! And continued doing so until the end of the show, while changing 2 or 3 of them each time.

I have collected snapshots of a selection of them, the best, I think. I guess you can understand know why I finished the series... I was constantly waiting for more designs! ^^

But this is not the only time something caught my eye out of the blue. Some months later I was watching another one, in which in some random episode, I noticed the tie of the school uniform. I noticed the color contrast and I was hooked! This tie is definitely on my to-design list!

Now you may wonder - was it only the male actors wearing knitted stuff? Of course not. But for some reason I can't really pinpoint, the clothes the women were wearing were not so interesting. Now why in Korea men appear more stylish, is beyond me. Really.


  1. Probably it is a cultural thing. A female friend from Japan has said that her boyfriend spends more time than her in order to prepare himself for going-out.