Friday, 28 February 2014

White crochet LOVE

Just a week ago I finished the biggest(probably) project I have ever crocheted so far. It is so big, that it's wingspan is approximately 2.5m and it's length around 1.5m. It's a white triangle crochet shawl and it took 400 grams of cotton lace to be completed.

I was asked to make it just when my exams were starting, so I worked it a bit by bit on studying breaks. In total it took me 3 weeks to complete.
While I was working on it and reaching the widest part of the shawl, the work started to feel unending and a bit of boring repetition, frankly. I calculated that at some point, I needed 45 minutes to crochet 2 whole rows(!).

But when it was done, it looked so majestic, that the wait was worth it! The fringes add a flowy feeling to it.
In order to make it more airy and not too heavy, I used 3mm crochet hook instead of the 2mm hook that is needed to work the yarn I used. In appearance the difference is very small, but in weight, significant!

it was a bit too sunny when we took the pictures xD

I am thinking of maybe writing a pattern for this design, which I will have to look into carefully, because the construction concept might be fairly simple, describing that in words ain't! 

More 'technical' details about the shawl can be found on it's Ravelry page.

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