Thursday, 20 February 2014

New skills

I learned how to double knit! and it's so much fun! much easier than one would expected to be, and I really like the result it produces.

Upon making a small swatch to practice the method, following this video, I even did some colorwork!
The inspiration for trying it out came while contemplating a new design - it's already in the works, but needs a looot of knitting to get done. It's in lace yarn with super tiny needles, so it will take a while. xD

After I finish with all this, I will surely try entrelac too! I have no idea why I haven't done so yet, but I bet it will be fun too. ^^

Also, a few days ago, while working on a pair of fair isle mittens, I challenged myself and tried to knit first in contintental-english combined method (for corrugated ribbing) and then entirely in continental. The combination method worked like a charm and I suspect that it will become my to-go method when I have multiple colors and knit and purl stitches in the same row. This method really made everything much faster and the result much much better. Can't wait to show you pictures!

But I can't say that continental only was as good - I was really slow and I kept twisting my stitches. So I abandoned it for the most part ... But I will try to practice more! 

It feels a bit like learning how to knit and purl from the beginning again and it's kinda exciting! :)

For more picture treat, here are two faux fur/fluffy yarns:

I had an epiphany some time recently on how I can use them effectively in garments, and I am going to write a pattern that showcases this! Fingers crossed that I will find time for this! (and that the idea I have on my mind will work! xD)

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