Monday, 17 February 2014

Beer Mitts!

If you ever happen to visit Iceland, even during Summer, you will definitely come across one for their most awesome woolly accessories: the Beer Mitt.

I tried on my first one at our host's house in Reykjavik and it was a felted wonder! My mind got excited and added to my in-mind queue list. I had plans on recreating it, but somebody beat me to it! Here's the pattern in Knitty that was released shorty after my return back home.

So now it was also on my Ravelry queue too! xD But it was not before this January that I actually made not just one, but two of them!

Here they are, in Alafoss Lopi, and with a random stranded pattern that I came up with during the making of the first one. Extra thick, extra warm!

Had so much fun making these. Apparently it is not so easy to put on the second when you are already wearing one! xD

Projects on Ravelry 1 and 2.

P.S: it would have been great to have some beers available for the photoshoot!

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