Tuesday, 18 February 2014


This year because of travelling, I made only one piece of Christmas gift. This particular friend, I wanted to surprise, but also to make something that would go well with the other piece of knitting he already owns. ^^

I searched a bit and I settled on Graham, a pattern that I wanted to try out for some time now.

A simple and quick knit that produces a fine result. I really liked the pattern and I may use it again in the future. And it is a good unisex project that can be easily customised to more particular styles.

It was also a good break from the big projects I am working on for some time now - and they seem that they have no end! ..

And that's not the only occurrence .. I have indulged to other quick knits too, some already done, some still in progress. I think I am over-WIPed these days.. but it's ok as long as the knitting acts as a relaxation break. ^^

Project Ravelry page

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