Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New classes and their materials

Since 23rd of February a new cycle of classes have begun in Mouselin Patiserrie and I am very excited about them! One reason is because this time I get to provide all class materials, and have also the chance to create handouts for each lesson. Since the classes now last for 3 hours instead of 1!

Preparing the class packages are like preparing presents. It's very fun, but the most enjoyable part is when the packages arrive by post and you get to open big bags of woolly things! 

The first two batches of materials have already arrived and the first sorting has already been done. All materials have been purchased by Mallia Kouvaria, an online shop located in north of Greece. They offer high quality materials and excellent customer service.
I had ordered from them in the past for personal yarn stashing ^^, so they popped in my mind right away when I considered equipment for the classes.

They even pleasantly surprised me when I ordered pairs of single pointed needles and received Bamboo ones! (Oh, I wish I was that lucky when I was starting out knitting...)

Another part that I have been curiously enjoying, is creating class samples. Maybe it's because it's fast and simple. And oh so mindless knitting.
I chose small yarn leftover balls and knitted as much as there was yarn. Now there are small cute rectangular pieces of fabric (that I am striving to keep them blocked until class!). Each piece has a tag on it that explains the stitch, how the edge was worked and what cast off was used.
So far I have pictures only of the pure basics to show you, but more will come in the future. You can follow this Ravelry project of course for any updates.

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