Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Oddity pair

A while back I completed the very awesome pattern of Oddity mittens, and while wearing them at work, a friend of mine noticed them and requested a pair for her, paired with a  beret that would feature the same texture elements. Thrilled to have a commission that also lets me create something from scratch, I cast on immediately, but took me a while to finish both of them.

The yarn used in this occasion, is Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin, in colorway Neptun, produced and hand dyed in Germany. It is incredibly soft and smooth, and a bit shiny too. A pleasure to work with! 

And the yardage was enough for both the mittens and the beret.
It also has great stitch definition and shows off the cable pattern really well.

Since I have already talked about the mitten pattern, this time I will focus on the beret instead. My original idea was to use the main cable motif and repeat it four times around the head, by starting to work from the top of the hat. I actually started working like that, and half way during this process I realised I really didn't like the result, so I ripped it all and started from the beginning. This time I tried to include only one pattern repeat, and fill the rest of the hat with stretchy 1x1 rib. And I am glad that it worked nicely and that I liked it, because I didn't have any time or energy left to re-doit. xD

The hat is worked with double strand for a more full effect, except from the brim, where I switched back to working with one strand - and I really like the thinner result that produces!

How would you use the pattern motif for a beret or beanie hat? I am curious to hear other ideas! :)

You can find both projects on Ravelry, here and here.

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