Sunday, 20 January 2013

The grey hat

Time to talk about some knitting now, and present a whole new project I finished some time ago. 

I got contacted by a friend, and she made a request for a grey hat: no particular design or stitch, just a grey hat. Which ultimately meant that I could improvise entirely. (I love this!)

And so I opened my stitch dictionaries and started looking for various stitches. I selected quite a few and although I wanted to use 3 of them I ended up using only two. 

I wanted to try entirely new stuff, so for starters I used the tubular cast-on, which is quite time consuming, but produces a wonderful result. Then I used a different-than-usual rib stitch and finally a diagonal stitch pattern for the main part of the hat.

My first thought was to make the hat on circular needles, but I was not so sure I would be able to make the ribbing right on circulars, so I decided to use straight needles instead. I know the joining is not the best looking, but at least I managed to make the diagonal lines fall into the right place. :) 

Aaaand I also have some others to present, hope to find time for that!

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