Saturday, 5 January 2013

13 Goals for 2013

Thirteen goals are quite a lot, but I get the feeling that this year I have to get down to finish some things I have been postponing for years.

Some more specific, some less, here they are:
1. Keep up with working out and work more on flexibility
2. Keep up with Italian
3. Spend more time with friends
4. Organise something special for birthday
5. Publish at least 8 more patterns
6. Search and prepare for internships
7. Pass at least 18 subjects
8. Get some dancing lessons
9. Get a tattoo
10. Get a driver's license
11. Build a professional website
12. Continue reading books
13. Exercise drawing

I am only hoping that I have time for all this - a lot can happen and I already have a lot of projects simultaneously going on. Fingers crossed, I can do this


  1. I hope you achieve all of your goals! Happy new year!

  2. Oh how I love this list! Perhaps you should allocate roughly one goal for each month? If you accomplish even a few of these things on this list you are going to be achieving so much! I look forward to celebrating with you when you do!

    1. I think one goal per month is a lot! :P I am also looking forward to the progress with your list :)