Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2013 in action!

Today's 'Quote of the Day' is directly linked to what is happening the last two days, both in text and image.

2013 seems to start off promising, and although unusually cold, with pleasant surprises!

Yesterday I came across a mail that included an announcement for a job position at a newly founded Hostel in Tallinn, by BEST Alumni.
Unsurprisingly, the description was not just very attractive, but also the best job ever! Working at a hostel, with people from all over Europe/the world, organising city tours, pub crawlings, experiencing a new country and culture and putting all that knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 4 years in good use!

Needless to say, I applied immediately, and I am so hyped about it, I really can't stop thinking about it! :D

But the good news don't end there. This morning I had a presentation of a project scheduled to the corresponding Professor. I was a bit nervous because I was not so sure about the content of my work. (Although we are talking here about 38 written pages!)

It turns out, the professor just wanted to check if it was us that really wrote the project. But by the end of the presentation, I pointed out the idea I had, based on the work of the 4 papers we had to analyze. A model that would simulate and combine the findings of the 4 papers in order to analyze networks and "predict" behaviors and future social trends.

Apparently he liked it, because he asked me if I wanted to write a thesis on it!
>> This might not be a great deal for many people, but it's the first time a Professor ever suggests such a thing to me, and especially since I have stopped having much contact with Professors and lectures for some years now.

And this is a good start for my thesis-topic hunt. I am already pondering about what could be done and how. Maybe throw some AI in? :D That would be coool.

On knitting related news, few days ago I stumbled upon a knitting contest on Knitty:

I have never participated in such a thing, and I have to admit I don't really mind the prizes, but I would like to challenge myself and see what I can achieve! The only problem I can see right now, is that the deadline for submission is a little after my semester exams end bad timing!, but I can try even if I can't make it in the end. ^^

So, on to more knitting! and thinking! and working! Woohoo!

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