Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wahnsinning schön!

about 6:30pm:
While arriving at the city centre:

1st thought: "Oh shit, I forgot my sunglasses."
2nd thought: "Hell Yeah! Bikes! A lot of them, everywhere!" (which of course made me extremely jealous for not having my own..)

I am sitting now on the floor at a corner in Munich airport (had to connect the laptop somewhere!) and I don't know if I can find the right words to describe what I saw today - mind the fact that I haven't slept last night at all, and I have been using actively 3 languages today.

How you say? Well at first, I met this very sweet and interesting lady while I was about to take the train for the city. Guess what! See knew Greek fluently! and she was Russian! So as you can imagine we spend the next 50 minutes talking about Greece, Russia and other things in Greek. Awesome.

The rest you can imagine, being in Germany and knowing German, means using it everywhere, which I did and I totally loved it! It was the first time that I could speak, understand and communicate with a 100% accuracy in the native language of the place I visit.

And last of course English: I used somewhere for some reason, but I don't remember exactly - I think it was because of tourists ..?

Also, one random and queer thing I noticed - when Germans talked to me in English, I thought the answer in German but replied in English without realising anything! How mindfucking is that?

But enough of the language thing. Let's talk about the city.

Munich is A W E S O M E.

So much that I seriously considered the possibility to miss my flight to Kiev and stay here until the return flight to Athens. (sorry guys!)

But yeah I didn't do it - I have payed for those two flights! :P

Now the tour - it lasted something like 7 hours and I saw some of the most important sights (basic criteria was distance, since I was by foot) like: Karlsplatz, St. Michael, Marienplatz, Marienhof, Spielzeugmuseum, St. Peter, Virtualien-markt, Hofbräuhaus, Max-Joseph-Platz, Odeonsplatz,Hofgarten, Haus der Kunst, Englischer Garten.

The highlights:

  • really beautiful churches (interior) and huge.
  • Hofbräuhaus: amazing place, live traditional music, traditional costumes, tasted there Bradwurst, Breztel, Weißbier - the perfect lunch!
  • Englischer Garten: WUNDERBAR - I want to live there, it has everything: Japanese tea house, Chinese tower, horses, the Monopteros, so much green, and it's so huge!

Transportation it's extremely easy to use, very well organised and structured, there are bikes virtually everywhere(there's infrastructure!), and people are so polite and friendly, always ready to help you.

Of course the magic moments for me were like this one: While being in Germany, buying ice-cream from an Italian, listening and understanding a conversation between a Japanese mother and her kids.

Can life be cooler than that? maybe, but Munich has also some extra points. For those who know me personally, I don't go anywhere without my bike, so seeing a city having the bicycle as main transportation is a big thing.

Also, the beautiful architecture and buildings, the vivid cultural life.. these are only a few of the things that I want a city to have.

I have also some peculiar incidents to report. The first one was doppelgangers. I think I saw about 10 people resembling BESTies I know. In some cases I thought of saying 'hi' but I am glad I didn't, because it would be really embarrassing!  The second one, nudists in the park. And quite a few of them.

about 12:30am:
Arrived at Kiev! am dead tired, but enjoyed it! now time for sleep, tomorrow is a new day. gonna meet friends! :D