Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kiev - the remaining days

And this will be the last post about Kiev, about the 3 last days I spent there, and the way back.

On Monday I went for coffee in the city center with a friend of mine and it was really nice, because it was a non-working day for all Ukrainians and some of the main streets were blocked for cars, allowing pedestrians to stroll around.

That evening a stressful event occurred. While we were going up the stairs of an underground passage, three girls try to steal our wallets from our bags. We hopefully understood it just in time (well my friend did - I had a backpack and didn't understand anything) but it was shocking nonetheless. My friend was even more surprised than I was, because as she said, this is not common in Kiev - not at all. I was lucky. And I appreciate it, because I have had my things stolen before while traveling. And it was a dreadful experience.

After that of course, I had my bag in front of me at all times and only there!

On Tuesday I didn't do too much. Because of bad weather we cancelled our evening plans of visiting a salsa bar, but we did visit a sushi bar. And it was awesome! Unfortunately my camera's battery had died and didn't manage to take pictures, but I did steal some chopsticks. ^^ hehe

On Wednesday I did quite a few things: visited the zoo - which unfortunately doesn't have many animals anymore -, tried to feed the squirrels in the park outside the University but managed only to feed any other kind of animal that was passing by, went for sushi! again, went to buy souvenirs and last but not least went out to a bar to play with other BESTies my favorite drinking game: Lord.

It was a very nice last day I have to admit. And it was enough for me to be able to stay awake until 3am - when I had to take a taxi and then a bus to reach the airport. 
And now I will talk about my bad impressions of the airport. I know I was tired and that affected my judgement and patience, but wtf is wrong with people in security section? There was this guy, murmuring something non-understandable in English and being very rude. 
And in check-in some of the passengers were acting like there is no queue whatsoever - and taking something like 2 hours to show all of their documents. Hello, ever heard of that orange box standing behind you? It says check-in on top!

But the trip way back was ok - if you don't mind that I hadn't calculated the time between my flights correctly and ended up hurrying quite a lot - but it was better than sitting and waiting again. Also, when we landed in Athens, I went out I experienced something for the first time: the feeling that I am truly back. And I got that through the weather. The last days in Kiev were a bit grey and rainy, but in Athens when I arrived, summer already!

It was a nice trip, I enjoyed it, I relaxed and had proper holidays. Of course now the last thing I want to do is to sit down and study, but hey, I don't a choice, do I?

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