Friday, 13 April 2012

NBEC closing day

Friday is quite a simple day - it's NBEC closing day. I had the pleasure to be one of the judges on the debating between the Case Study teams that were participating, so one can say that in a small way, I affected the outcomes of one of the two parts of the Engineering Competition.

What's more, I spent more time with more BESTies and participants - mainly because most of them wanted to practice their English with me. Generally, Ukrainians are positive and very welcome towards foreigners, although most of them don't speak English at all. And there is not a lot of information around the city in English, so if you are planning to visit Ukraine - be prepared: either with a good dictionary or with a local that can show you around.

Later in the day we went to hang out in the park in front of the campus and drink of course before we moved on to visit a pub, where apart from drinks and food, you can order pranks or interesting things like the truth.

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