Sunday, 20 April 2014

A fringed top without fringes

I think that from the very beginning I joined Ravelry I had my eye on this fringed top and even though I also had the appropriate yarn for it, I simply hadn't made it. Other more exciting projects were coming up and taking up my time.

But just a month ago, I needed a practically mindless crochet project to take with me while travelling to Chania. It had to be crochet since only crochet hooks are allowed on planes here. (Believe me I have checked, multiple times. Knitting needles, even bamboo ones are considered a sharp pointy object, therefore dangerous! What kind of knitter would ever destroy their marvelous bamboo needles to harm someone?)
So I chose this pattern and it turned out just right: it needed the right amount of concentration and was relaxing me too, but also didn't let me fall asleep during the sleepless night that I was waiting for my flight. ^^
I followed the sizing of the pattern and the main construction but included some mods. I didn't follow the pattern stitch throughout, rather substituted with other stitches for more detail and at some parts more transparency.

Also, I left the fringes out entirely. I had doubts that they would look good on me, plus I find it very tiring to cut so many yarn strands, so instead, I made a combination of crochet borders from Edie Eckman's book: Around the Corner - Crochet Borders. For more details check out the project's ravelry page.

The yarn I used is EL. D. Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10, which contains marvelous strands of various shiny shades of blue. It is a very nice yarn to work with, and I have used it in projects such as: a summer top and a tablet case.

Plus: I tried flexible blocking wires to block all those of hanging bits you see at the ends. It was fast and easy to do so!

Overall I like the result and I think that this project would make an excellent summer top! And the best of all: summer is just beginning!

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