Sunday, 27 April 2014

Rubber handcarved stamps

After being inspired by the amazing Gennine's Art blog, I tried my hand on handcarving stamps, and I love everything about it! ^^

Gennine is a wonderful artist and everything she makes is so beautiful! You can stare at her pictures for hours and then come back for more. She makes quite a lot of things and one practice that caught my eye is handcarving. She even has a page dedicated to this subject, since she gets a lot of questions about it. If you scroll down the page, you will also find a video of her in action. 

I was totally into trying it, so I set out to find the materials I needed. I am still searching for proper carving blocks, but for the meantime I am using rubber bands and a set of wood carving tools. The rubber bands are quite small and there is not much room for practice, but they are good source material nonetheless. 
Right now I am using two different brands and the quality and hardness is almost the same.

I was so hyped when I got all the materials that I didn't wait even for a second before starting to carve. The process is rather simple, but you need to be careful with fine details. And the best part of all: you can make anything!

I really want to find big carving blocks, so that I can move to bigger designs and with more detail.

So far, this is what I have made:

Aren't they cute? I have already been using them in all of our shop packaging and notes. And that has been strangely a lot of fun!

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