Thursday, 24 April 2014

Springtime in Chania

After spending an amazing time with friends in the beautiful city of Chania, in Crete, I find it difficult for days now to return to reality and start studying again.

My whole stay there (even the 4 day BEST event) was so relaxing and enjoyable, the kind I haven't felt in quite some time. I did recharge my batteries, but it feels like not entirely. My mind feels slower and more alouf.. at the same time, I have only about a month until exams and I have fallen behind on studying. There is a lot more pressure to study now, that I am close to graduation, than ever before: the end seems so close..!

That's why this trip was very much needed - lately I have been working a bit too much. Chania was the perfect choice apparently, since it has beautiful scenery, easily approchable beaches, and slightly warmer weather than where I live. And best of all, my best friend is studying there.

We even had the chance to watch the red moon (not so red in this pic)

We went out, enjoyed the sunset, ate Italian ice cream, had delicious local pastry and various delicacies, cooked, swam in the sea and best of all: practiced partner yoga. There are no words to describe this experience, you just have to try it for yourself!

We also came across Kri-kri, an endemic type of wild goat found only in Crete and one or two small islands. It is the goat with the frog eyes. Weird, but cute!

Last time I visited Crete, I only spent 4 days in Chania and didn't see much more than the old harbour. This time, I visited also other parts of the area, small villages, awesome coastlines and a cute centuries-old monastery.

Can you spot the Kri-kris in this picture?

For this trip I didn't take the horribly-slow-and-boring boat from Athens, that takes around 8-9 hours to reach Chania, rather flew with Ryanair and was there in just an hour. This route became effective just this month, and it is definitely a good idea![If they had also one from Patras airport it would be even more awesome! But.. I am dreaming about unicorns here.] The flights tickets are almost the same price as the boat tickets and in some cases even cheaper. Great deal!

Crete is very beautiful and I plan to return - there are so many places to see there, and I have in mind sometime in the future to organise a short road trip around the whole island. There are some nature parks that are to die for! (except of course, all the archeological sites that are worth visiting anyway)

Have you ever visited Crete? Do you consider visiting?

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