Saturday, 5 April 2014

Costume up! (as in suit up!)

In a few days I will be attending Part2jam, a jamboree organised by BEST Chania, where we will be needing a different costume for every day of the event. It doesn't need to be something fancy, mostly improvised, and since I don't have the opportunity to transport much clothing, I decided to make some small and easily transportable stuff.

Firstly, since I will be a unicorn for one of the days, I followed the very awesome Unicorn hat by Brittany Tyler, but as always I made some mods: I made the horn shorter, and with a slightly different shaping - as done by other Ravelers too. I made considerably bigger pom poms and didn't stick to the white-rainbow coloring, since I used only stash yarn and didn't have any white handy.
I got to admit, it proved a serious stash busting project, because it required a lot of yarn for the (massive) pom poms and the mane. Mostly the mane.

Generally it is a quick project, except for the pom poms and the mane. I think each pom pom took about 2 hours to make and the mane something more than 2.5 hours. Truth to be told with the mane I was slow because I was trying it on all the time and trying different things.

It looks good finished, but I think that I messed up with the sewing of one of the ears, it falls back all the time. For the ears' reinforcement, I used a 1mm thick stainless steel wire, (so that it does not rust while washing) but I don't think it has helped much. Maybe I will revisit, maybe not.

One of the other days I will be a fairy. I am not the type to dress like that, but for that day the alternatives were already set and this was the one that I could find clothes for - the ones I can also wear as a unicorn! :D

So for the fairy, I made the fairy crown by tiny owl knits and the Superhero Mask by Lee Meredith. Again only stash used, and I was surprised that skipping a stitch in the making of the mask, resulted in using the exact amount of leftover yarn! xD

I blocked it, and it looks a bit weird, but works!

For the crown I used in the beginning by new knitting mill, but after a few hours I abandoned it, because it gave a really hard time*. The yarn I used, Drops Alaska, was too thick and to splity for my mill. I managed though, to make the first piece long enough to be usable. The second one was entirely on dpns.

[*that includes me taking it apart to fix one of the four needles that work in the round, because it got misplaced by the entangling of the yarn!]

By the way, this mill is beyond awesome! the first time I used it with cotton yarn and I was thrilled! ^^

The third costume is going to be a spy. I just need a coat, a hat and sunglasses. I would also pack a plastic pistol I have, but I am flying to Chania and I am afraid that the airport security will take it away, even though it's plastic. (They don't even allow knitting needles on board, much less this!)

And now I need to go back to work, before departure to Paradise! See ya!

Project links: Unicorn Hat, Mask, Fairy crown

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