Friday, 7 March 2014

Icelandic Spring Shawl

A spring shawl just in time for spring!

I just finished my Icelandic spring shawl and I liked it more than I expected! I started knitting it back in December and even took it with me during the holiday travelling. That's when I entered the last section of the shawl, had almost finished it, but upon close examination I decided that I didn't like the color combination that was developing, so I frogged it until the first section and started again.

Took me a while, as well as some other color modifications (of the pattern) and voila! I finally have something that I like.

here is where I picked up the stitched with the circular needle before I frogged until this point
My main problem with the colors was that I didn't want the dark blue to be the dominant color of the shawl, and based on the color sequence of the pattern, it turned out otherwise. I used Einband Lopi, and it's naturally amazing for working lace shawls, and the three skeins I used, I bought them in Reykjavik, at the end of our road trip.

The inspiration for the colors I chose was this shawl below:

which I found on the Textile Museum in Blonduos.
It didn't turn out as I imagined, because I chose too few colors. A few shades more, and it would have looked totally ethereal!

Also enjoyed learning a new technique! The crochet chain cast off. Really easy, simple and with such a good looking result. Will be using that one again in the future! ^^

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