Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Here is a venture I never thought I would get into! Making headbands is something that wouldn't cross my mind, until a friend asked for something of the sort.

I had already come across the work of Jenine Reid and I thought it would be nice to try something out. I settled with Wrap and Tie and the Bow Headband. I made three in total, with trying the lacy one with two different type of yarns. A DK weight and a lace weight.

They were all three relatively quick knits, and quite fun to make. I followed the Bow pattern to the letter, but I made some mods in the Wrap and Tie pattern. I was not happy with the small holes the intended increases were making, so I replaced all increases with double kfb and pfb (each whenever needed). I did the same with the decreases, because the central decreases were a bit too visible, and I wanted a sleek look, just as with the increases.

Projects in Ravelry: Wrap and tie, Lacy bow #1, Lacy bow #2

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