Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Aftur socks

That sweater really left me with much yarn! after making the pair of gloves, and then completing a pair of socks, I still have enough for more!

The idea for the socks came almost as soon as I cast on for the sweater - a matching pair that would use the same fair isle motif. For the construction I wanted to do a tow-up for once, and since I didn't want to go full-improvisation on that part, I bought this pattern: here
Which is, admittedly, wonderful! Even though it's for far thinner yarn and needles.

That I did change. And it was rather simple really. Just found out what my size is, and what size I could knit on 4mm dpns. It turns out for me it was the L size, with the number of stitches divided by 2. And it worked just fine.

But one thing I didn't realise when I started making the second sock, was that I had cast on 2 more stitches for the first one - and of course there was no way to remember, because I started the first one on the 2nd day of the road trip, and the second one weeks after! That resulted of course to a sock that was rather.. narrower, but still, it looks great!

For the cuff I used a variation of the Aftur motif - I was afraid that I was going to run out of black wool. Which in the end, I didn't. xD

Another surprise was to find out that, modelling Icelandic wool socks in the heat of August ain't that bad at all: on the contrary, somehow, they keep your feet cool! 

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