Monday, 23 September 2013

Geothermal spots, bathing and the city of the North

We stayed a bit more in the same area, and visited Myvatn lake and the geothermal spots at Hverarond, before we continued to visit the biggest city of the North, Akureyri.

First we stopped at the geothermal spots, and encountered for the first time the smell of rotten eggs in the air. This is the natural scent around any spot like these. And the closer you get to the steam, the worse the smell becomes.

But the scenery is so colorful and unique that we really couldn't mind. In any case, if you stay long enough you get used to the smell, and so it becomes unnoticable.

Short thereafter we had our first bath, at the Myvatn natural baths, and simply put: it was amazing! It was quite freezing from the changing rooms till the water, but once you got inside: pure heaven!

The water is a pale light blue surrounded by big black rocks. It feels like swimming in the sky. A really warm sky. 

Close to the main 'pool' there was also a smaller one, that was surrounded by fences and had a label on it, which warned that the water was 100 degrees Celcius hot. That's one hot pot there!

Later on we had lunch by the majestic Godafoss waterfall and then moved on to visit Akureyri, a very cute small town.

from our shooting horses session!
this is the area between the camping site and the city

Akureyri is the second biggest city in Iceland, and has quite a different feeling to it than Reykjavik. It features a tall church too, and an amazing botanical garden, but even it's regular buildings look very nice. 
On the night we stayed, we visited a Hostel/bar/restaurant that was packed with interesting and different people and enjoyed Icelandic beer with the company of other Icelandic friends.

The next morning we skipped breakfast to have 'brunch' and taste whale for the first time! If you are wondering what it tastes like, it's like beef steak, but harder to chew, darker color and a more metallic taste. It was good!

Our next stop was for refueling, sending postcards and at the very interesting Textile Museum in Blonduos! But more of that in another post.

a house in Blonduos. somehow it looks like the perfect witch house

 Places we visited:
- Myvatn
- Godafoss
- Akureyri
- Blonduos
- Textile Museum of Iceland
- Hverarönd

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