Saturday, 14 September 2013

More Highlands and whale watching

We were now in the North-East of Iceland and moving through lands that looked like rocky deserts. We had the most fascinating driving - it really felt like we were in some kind of James Bond movie, hiked in the snow, crossed at least 3 big rivers, met fellow travellers that faced the harsh nature as we did.

The beginning of the day after 'partying', was by far the most awesome of the trip: great weather, breathtaking landscapes, adventurous driving. We took many pictures (of course) and we moved through rocky and sandy terrain, brown flat lands, and even swam in a small lake.

it must be awesome to be a Geophysicist and work there

For the early afternoon we had planned to visit the geothermal lake Viti, which is located in the center of an old volcano. What we did not anticipate was that spring really did come late this year: the place was covered with snow - much not like it's supposed to be in mid July. The road was closed because of the snow, so we decided to hike until the lake. Still not knowing how it would be, we decided to do it. Even grabbed our swimsuits and towels. The distance was a few kms and after the first one or so, we realised that snow only became more and more, and the weather was getting worse too: there was rain and fog. So, after going up and down the mountain, without proper clothes and soaking wet, we decided to spend the night in a guest house. But before that, we had to cross three big rivers with the cars, and for that, one of us had to go half naked in the middle of each river, to test how strong and how deep each one was. 

That's the process you have to go through before crossing a river in Iceland, otherwise you may end up stuck with the car in the middle of it, and with no help around at all.

by the time we left Dettifoss it was this foggy

The next day after that was not so hardcore: we had picture stops at wonderful Dettifoss and other places, and later on we reached Husavik. We camped at the city camping and we had also a night party that started at the camping and continued in city pubs.

The following day, most of us attended the whale watching tours that Husavik is well known for, and some took it a bit further - they went to watch also cute puffins. ^^ The ones that stayed behind in the camping, gave in to gracious sunbathing. Yes, you heard right. The afternoon of our arrival it was cloudy so we where all covered with winter clothes, the next morning in the very same spot we sunbathed with swimsuits. The difference: there was sun!

Later in the day, 3 of us attended a horse riding tour in the ever so great Asbyrgi canyon(recommendation of the Reykjavik guys we met on our first party night!), while the rest did a bit of hiking instead. And had puffin for lunch.


On our way to the camping we came across the ever so cute Icelandic sheep, and those dreadful mosquito-like flies that covered the whole camping area. Iceland has no mosquitos, but has these annoying little flies that get in your ears, eyes and tangled up in your hair. Annoying.

Places we visited:
- Viti geothermal lake
- Dettifoss
- Husavik
- Asbyrgi

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