Thursday, 19 September 2013

Summer knitting [and crochet]

And for a small break from the road trip story, the past month I have been doing some relax knitting - and that before I found a new obsession, which I will reveal soon!

I found some lovely patterns for the yarn I wanted to use, different, some very simple, one more complex but just as enjoyfull.

First is my super bulky version of the Lace Mess shawl, which was incredibly quick and easy to make. I really like the concept of not having to think of a particular pattern while making it!

Another is a simple hat from a drops pattern, which I don't know why, but the stitch inclination is in the wrong way! I am not sure if that's because I didn't pay enough attention (very probable), but either way, it really doesn't bother me much, it looks just as fine!

And last but not least is the Cabled Haka that I made. I had my eye on this pattern for some time, and it turned out even more awesome that I had expected! This yarn may not be the best choice given it's color, but it has just the right amount of softness and bulkyness for this pattern.

Those cables are utterly awesome!

Regarding crochet, I just made some more Water Drops earrings, and while doing so, got a new idea and made the necklace below! I am going to experiment in the future with new structures! Got any ideas?

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