Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mustard yellow

These two recently completed items may not match the weather outside, but they are awesome looking and I can't just keep away from presenting them. ^^

The yarn I used is a part of my yarn hunting a while ago. And exactly the yarn I like so much, that in the beginning I was having second thoughts in giving it away!

But I still have some skeins left - without any plans on what to do with them. For sure I won't repeating the same (made up)patterns as I did with those two items.

The first is a double sided cowl, which is very interesting because with just one stitch pattern I managed to get an interesting effect in both sides: wavy stockinette on one side, rain drops on the other one!

It's extremely soft stretchy and warm - as my mother that is modelling it will also say - perfect for fall to winter weather. 

It's rather unfortunate that I got the inspiration to make these so late, but you know, some things you can't really plan, especially when during the coldest months studying and exams keep you busy!

The second item, a simple beanie. I have to admit: it had a fascinating construction. I didn't use any specific pattern - everything came from my head, but it's interesting because I decided to use a new cast on and to knit it entirely in 40mm circular needles.

If you are curious, I used Judy's magic cast on, which is definitely awesome! It creates this simple and elegant seamless start - from which you can develop anyway you want!

I developed a simple semi-spiral pattern after this, which unexpectedly also resulted to a double-sided hat! ^^

Both items are available for sale in my etsy shop, even though weather doesn't call for them right now :P

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  1. Mustard is just one of my favorite colors, it is so elegant yet lively. The patterns are very pretty as well, I won't ever be able to picture them in any other color it looks so perfect!