Monday, 22 April 2013

Summer top alterations and some crochet

Remember this top? Well I finished it last year and only wore it a few times. The reason for that is because, after a while wearing it, the top wouldn't hold shape, and well, anything in place. It was rather uncomfortable to have on, really.

So I decided to improve it.

I added two rows of elastic thread in the underbust area and that was it! It suddenly became enough elastic to be comfortable and stay in place in the same time. I was totally happy with this development and kept thinking: why didn't I thought of this before?

I used a crochet hook to add the elastic thread, and used different frequency in each row: the first has double the stitches than the second. I chose different rows so that that area wouldn't become too tight - and I hope that was a good decision!

It was a bit of a pain to crochet the elastic thread all around because sometimes the elastic thread slipped through the hook and that stitch as well as 20 more stitches were instantly unravelled! So, if you try to add elastic thread, be careful!

But when I tried it on there was still something bothering me: something I had noticed from the time I had knitted it, but thought that ultimately the result would change with wearing the top. Apparently it never happened: the hem continued to be more loose than the rest of the knitted top. So I frogged the ends and tried a different ending and cast off.

Simple boring stuff I may say (IIXXII rib and simple cast off) but it works beautifully! And since there are so many details on the rest of the piece anyway, this ending is just fine. :)

And on other news, few days ago a friend from the gym requested a phone case, so I got down and made this beautiful thingie:

I have made this before with different colors and not so much exaggerated popcorn stitch, but I think I like the new combination as much as the previous one. ^^

And now for some wonderful piece of music:

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