Monday, 15 April 2013

Frilly yarn experiment #1

As I have mentioned before, recently I started experimenting with frilly yarn and the first try produced some unique pieces - necklaces!

I should note that this was not entirely my own idea - a few years back I had bought a handmade necklace in Ankara,Turkey and always wondered how this adorable piece of jewellery was made. Until recently I could only recognise the crochet work on it but not how the yarn was worked. Until I came across a very similar yarn (a kind of frilly one) and it hit me! The woman that made this used frilly yarn!

So I bought different kinds of frilly yarn and started working on it - to figure out the structure. It seems that the process is quite easy, yet tedious - and it requires frilly yarn with small holes. Necklaces can be made also with larger holes in the knitted yarn, but they produce a totally different effect.

And the options for structure of course are endless! So many possibilities..

That's why I created a few of them using different combinations, and then handed them to my mother to add beads and other semiprecious gems. All of them are available in my Etsy shop, but there is also another one I made for myself, with wooden beads, leftovers from broken bracelets. :)

I will be making more of them, but for now I am concentrating on more normal knitting - the kind that doesn't involve joining tiny threads together! ^^



  1. These are amazing! It wouldn't surprise me if they sell out quickly (if not I don't know what is wrong with people). I'm constantly amazed at your incredible amount of creativity, you are such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks! actually the knitting lessons give me lots of ideas, because every time I have to double check what I know before I teach it (even the simplest stuff) and I notice details I haven't seen before!