Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yarn addiction

I think I am becoming a yarn addict. Apart from knitting all the time, I have developed a serious lust towards woolie things of various types.

I see the colors, I touch the fiber of a ball of yarn and I can't help but want it all! And the more I see, the more I want! 
Especially with colorways, I want the full spectrum! I rarely satisfy myself with few colors. But all that yarn means a lot of money. And there is another problem also: I like the 'exotic' fibers, the ones that are special, and essentially more expensive than the rest. :\ 
I have been told many times by the shop owners of the local stores I visit, that I have quite an expensive taste. :p

But I believe that money don't matter when you do something that you like/love, something that gives you things that are precious to you. I am not just talking about material things, like having the clothes you like. It's more about the feelings, thoughts, skills, etc you get that matter the most.

And now back to our topic: 
One thing I haven't tried until now is Icelandic wool, and along with my love for Icelandic and Nordic designs, it seems that the time to work with it has come. 

Few days ago I discovered a very precious site, and found a cheap way to order the unique Icelandic yarn. 

But that came only after re-examining the Flowerpot pattern from Helene Magnusson, which I had bought several months ago, but never got to buy yarn for it. The original plan was to buy yarn from local stores. 
But then I thought, 'Why not get Icelandic yarn and make it truly Icelandic, through and through?' So I searched for the yarn, ended up in the main website of the company that produces it and found various things: Free (and not free) patterns of amazing traditional Icelandic designs and places where I can buy the yarn!

One thing led to another and I ended up thinking of buying yarn for more than one projects, online! (buying yarn online is something I don't do frequently)

I examined my alternatives and concluded that Shop Icelandic was the cheapest choice, plus they had stock of all the colors and types of Lopi yarn!


That's when I lost all resistance and ordered yarn for the Flowerpot and for Aftur. It took me some time to figure out what colors I wanted, but once I did, the rest was easy. 

Now I am waiting patiently(?) for those delicious yarn balls to arrive. And when they do, I don't know how I am going to handle it - With which project am I going to begin first?! -> First world problems!

One thing is for sure, when the time comes to visit Iceland, I will be properly equipped! ^^


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