Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Road Trip - Gothenburg

Aaand time to finish the road trip story with Gothenburg!

After having said goodbye already to some of the team members, we gathered once again to the place we saw last before beginning the trip. The BEST Office. We had breakfast and talked about our plans for the day. Some of us had to leave in the afternoon, so we decided to split and see some parts of the city we really want and then meet again to farewell our friends.

My group went to visit a science theme park, for kids! The entrance fee was a bit expensive (Sweden you see..) but we managed to see what we wanted, at least. I really liked that the park included almost everything, from dinosaurs to space exploration, and I kept thinking that if I had grown up in Gothenburg, that would definitely be my favorite place!!

After meeting again we decided on a mini and relaxed city rally. After seeing some parts of the city we stopped at a candy shop like no other. It had all kinds of sweets in large quantities. I swear, if we didn't eat too much chocolate during the trip, I would have bought almost everything in there!

Outside the shop there was also something interesting - a guy playing a unique instrument constructed in Switzerland, called the Hang:  

Later on we moved to the port and after having ice-cream on a boat, we boarded another one for a city tour by the river. Very beautiful.

After loads and loads of pictures, we went to have dinner at a short of Italian restaurant, where we enjoyed delicious pizza - we were so hungry that most of us ate one pizza per person. :P

For the night, we decided to have a small pool party. In the building, where our main organiser lives, there is an indoor swimming pool and sauna. We were swimming and at the same time drinking beer: luxuries we would have never thought of during the trip! ^^

And that's it!
The next day I had a flight, so I mostly spent it packing and preparing. There was a long day ahead of me filled with flights. In the end I couldn't resist but take a picture of my heavy backpack, wrapped for protection. :)


  1. I love how much you've mentioned food through this post, frequently the food is the highlight of my trips. I cannot even imagine how wonderful that candy store was!

    1. Actually, we were eating quite a lot ever since the road trip was over, at least I know I did ;)

      yeah, that candy store was a child's heaven!