Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A weekend full of dancing

There is something that I haven't shared yet in this blog. Ever since I started working as a waitress at a local Latin bar, I became involved in the local latin community, and of course started dancing!

I won't bother you with stuff like how awesome dancing is. No. Instead I will be talking about the
2nd Patras Salsa Meeting that took place this weekend and how awesome that was.

First, what is a Salsa Meeting?
Well, something like a small dance festival: a 2-day event full of lessons, workshops and parties. Since it's a salsa meeting, the main dance been instructed is salsa, but there are no definite restrictions: there is a variety of styles and different dances.

For Patras it's quite an important event since this movement started with the first Meeting just 6 months ago, and it's a big step towards improving the level of the local community and inspiring interest to new people.

There were workshops on Salsa LA(various levels), Cuban salsa, Rueda de Casino, Bachata, Cha cha cha, Brazilian Samba and Afro Latin.

I had already tried most of the above, but Samba and Afro Latin were totally new and I enjoyed them to the maximum, they were lots of fun. Partially also because of the very entertaining and energetic instructor, Louis Mendez. 

But there was also an opportunity to meet the current lead dancing couple of Greece on Salsa LA, Panagiotis and Myrto, that came to give us an advanced lesson on salsa.

I have also compiled a video of some of the lessons we had this weekend, also to get an idea what we learned: ^^

It was an incredible weekend, as well as tiring, since the dancing didn't stop when the lessons were over: there were also parties! In one of which there were also shows featuring the instructors but also guests from other cities. :)

Looking forward to the next one!

And this time a touch of salsa:


  1. Wow, you must have great coordination to be able to do those styles of dance. Everything just happens too quickly for me when I try. I hope you keep on going, it sounds like something that is well worth being a part of!

    1. That's true! but it's also like knitting, you have to practice. :) I recommend you to try too! it's very fun :D